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Pump up your life with the reviving Ayurvedic therapies at Kairali
Recharge yourself by participating in wellness retreats
Lead an Ayurvedic way of life through natural ways of living
Lead an Ayurvedic way of life through natural ways of living

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About Us

Arogya Kendra is one of the Ayurvedic Arogya centre that focuses all about wellness and being healthy. We offer the best Ayurveda and Yoga therapy packages for the complete well-being of the body and mind. We provide the best wholesome diet to all. According to Ayurveda, diet is the most important factor that helps mould the constitution of an individual. The Ayurvedic therapies and treatments are all in sync with nature and are designed keeping in mind the different body types of individuals. We at Arogya Kendra help you to lead a better and healthy life, by recommending treatment and therapies.

We provide the best quality Ayurvedic medicines and products and also offer lifestyle advices and diet plans to lead a healthy and naturally happy life. A life that is vigorous energetic, and stress free is all what everyone wants. And we at this wellness centre help to build the confidence and self-motivation through natural ways and means.

Kairali Arogya Kendra
An Ayurvedic Health Retreat amid the picturesque environment of God’s Own Country.
Discover yourself through Yoga & Meditation. A secret to Healthy & Happy state of being.
Cure your ailments through Ayurveda with No side effects, available at Kairali centres.
Wide array of Ayurvedic Proprietary & Classical products made from organic ingredients.

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